A variety of important local and international Service Projects are directed by departments within the International Association of Sufism.  For example, Voices for Justice is very active, we have been able to raise funds for the homeless in Marin County (our home) and we have contributed to Mandela International Day of Service.  Contact us for more information, to contribute and to become involved.  Listed below are a few of our major ongoing projects.

Current Projects

During 2014 The International Association of Sufism (IAS) collected funds in order to make a financial contribution to assist Project Amigo in the state of Colima, Mexico. Project Amigo helps disadvantaged, rural children in middle school, high school and college have opportunities for continuing their education. We support this across-the-border outreach to help improve the lives of young people and develop future leaders for our neighboring country of Mexico. Not working with Project Amigo at this time.

The Women’s Sacred Meditation Circle of IAS also collected funds in order to provide a financial donation to the Marin YMCA to assist underprivileged young people have the opportunity to attend summer programs and day camp at the Y. We support these programs that aim to bring about social change by strengthening families and our community.

United Nations and Human Rights

Imagine a room of mirrors, reflecting back upon each of us and within each of our hearts, magnifying the compassion, valuing each other, allowing peace to resonate within and beyond each of us.

Imagine that we represent solidarity, standing together with the clear intention that we act in unity toward supporting global peace. It is in this spirit that the IAS works as a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization.

Literacy Project

The international Sufi Women Organization has developed a volunteer literacy tutoring program as part of its ongoing, active community outreach. The tutoring schedule is designed, in particular, for young children, adolescents and women.


Prison Project

The mission of the IAS Prison Project, through the dedication and generosity of our volunteers, is to serve and provide resources and outreach to men and women incarcerated in state and federal prisons throughout the United States. We believe that Allah, the most compassionate and most merciful, the Light of the skies and earth, shines His light on broken lives and helps to transform those who are existing in some of the darkest corners of our society.

Project Khaneghah

Following in the footsteps of the ancient Sufis, the IAS is setting a schedule to build a Khaneghah, which means “the house of time,” in Northern California. This “House of Time,” open to all Sufis from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and orders, will act as the center of a web that will connect and unite all the surrounding schools and our communities.

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