Insight Newsletter Feature: Magnetic Centers

Extended Article
“Magnetic Centers” by Victor Sinow

Spring 2024 Column

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Greetings of peace and rebirth with the coming of Spring! In this edition of the Insight “Science and Spirituality” column, I will continue my discussion of Shah Maghsoud Sadiq Angha’s teachings as they relate to the connection between the human and the cosmic.

Let me begin with the following from Dr. Nahid Angha’s commentary as included in the latest edition of Shah Maghsoud Sadiq Angha’s book, Manifestations of Thought: “We are the children of space and time. We inherit the life’s intellect that founded the universe. We are the universe. Can we study the human being and forget his origin, the cosmic waves and energies” (Angha, 97)? Dr. Angha continues: “Shah Maghsoud explains that the complex systems of action, reaction, and cooperation between electromagnetic forces and energies give birth to an organism” (Angha, 99). And as Shah Maghsoud writes himself: “all [life] are the presentation of endless, eternal expanded waves of nature which form beings by expansion and accumulated vibration” (Angha, 24).

These words are directly reflected in the wisdom of Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar on the origins of human beings. He teaches that in the physical dimension, all states of matter and energy are reflections of the first light, the light of Ar-Rahman. The rules of motion – an eternal, unceasing motion – govern these states and energy levels. We may perceive our corporeal existence as static, but in fact, “the infinite eternal leads galaxies to an endless journey, where particles rotate and waves reflect travelling in a circular journey presenting the Absolute core of being” (Angha, 94). Thus, the universe is, was, and will always be awash in the light of Ar-Rahman, and everything that exists is in constant communication with that light.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. In the 20th century, physics delved deeply into the nature of radiated energy and its relationship to time. Consider the following two results that flow directly from Einstein’s special theory of relativity. The first is that time as we understand and experience it has no meaning for light. As soon as light is emitted, it simply exists, everywhere, accessible to the entire universe instantaneously. The second is that our concept of past, present, and future is relative to our frame of reference. We believe in time as a linear phenomenon, but as Dr. Angha writes, “cause and effect may apply to the world of dimensions but have not generality or application in the abstractness of existence” (Angha, 59). By combining these two results, we can make the claim that light emitted at any one particular time exists throughout the whole of creation at all times! In this way, everything that interacts with light in this universe is connected together. Past, present, and future are one – multiplicity is at its core unity.

Now we see that the light of Ar-Rahman, as reflected in the motion of life, is broadcast and accessible to all creation. We cannot separate ourselves from this light, which sustains and nurtures our existence. As Shah Maghsoud teaches, “[Earth’s] electromagnetic energies have been in constant connection and relation with all the eternal energies in the existence. And the human being, who is a connecting link between the seen and unseen, is the recipient of both active and receptive energies of this infinite and eternal environment” (Angha, 98).

With this understanding, our goal as spiritual practitioners must be to move beyond a purely mental conception of our energetic connection to the universe to the direct experience of our divinity. We must KNOW who we are, and as Shah Maghsoud writes, “Knowing is the unveiling of the essential center of knowledge inherent within every particle, including humankind” (Angha, 61). But how can we know? Shah Maghsoud indicates that we must “pay more attention to the cosmic energies, electromagnetic forces and their relationship with the human system” (Angha, 102).

As Dr. Angha describes, magnetic centers within the human body “absorb energies and make them suitable for the human being” (Angha, 100). The most important of these centers is located in the human heart, which, as Shah Maghsoud explains, is in “direct relationship with the electromagnetic forces of the cosmos” and can “receive and transform the electromagnetic energies of the extended universe into harmonious useful energies/materials suitable for human systems” (Angha, 100). Thus, our heart acts like an antenna that, when tuned to the right frequency, can resonate with the beating heart of eternity.

Inshallah, may we learn to focus our conscious living energy upon our hearts and connect with the eternal source of life.

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Victor Sinow holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a focus on semiconductor devices, analog integrated circuit design, and power conversion. Victor has had formal instruction in electromagnetic wave theory, Einstein’s theories of relativity, frequency domain analysis, and quantum physics as it relates to modern semiconductor device design. As a result of this instruction, Victor has a strong working knowledge of the fundamental theories that underpin much of modern particle physics as well as the modern understanding of gravity and space/time. Victor serves as the Senior Principal Design Engineer for a semiconductor company developing efficient power conversion circuits from novel materials.