Founder’s Message

2024 Founder’s Message

As the new year unfolds, we extend a warm welcome to 2024. The Sufi Women Organization is celebrating 30 years of service advocating for support of human rights and dignity for all people, especially the women and children of the world. Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that every woman deserves to live a life of dignity, equality, and empowerment.

As we reflect on our last 30 years’ progress and the impact we’ve made in advancing the cause of women’s rights around the world, we are reaching out with a heartfelt request to contribute and help us provide social programs in health care, employment, education and vocational training, conflict resolution, to supporting grantmaking initiatives, and more. Your help significantly helps improve the quality of life and make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless women and girls throughout the world.

This year, SWO is determined to do even more. As a non-profit organization, we are driven by the values of compassion, justice, and love for all humanity and your donation will help us expand our programs and reach more communities in need. We are committed to creating a world where every woman can thrive and fulfill her potential. Your partnership allows us to bring value to life and make a lasting impact on the lives of women and their communities.

Let’s come together to create positive change and build a brighter future for women around the world. Your donation, no matter the size, will contribute to the collective effort of breaking down barriers and fostering a world where every woman is treated with the respect and dignity she deserves.

We are immensely grateful for your gift and your commitment to our cause. 100% of your donation will help the lives of women, families, and communities.

The Sufi Women Organization
January 2024

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SWO & Breaking New Ground in Women’s Leadership

In the Beginning

In 1993 a group of women, from all phases of life, different social backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, and Sufi and spiritual affiliations, got together and became the foundation of the Sufi Women Organization (SWO), headquartered in Northern California.

Their first creation was East Bay Sufi Women, and their first appearance was in the Annual Sufism Symposium 1994. They established themselves as an organization of strong and knowledgeable women when SWO founder, Seyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha, who has advanced women’s leadership and humanitarian action across her life. In a shift in tradition, Dr. Angha sat in the inner circle of zikr, side-by-side with her Islamic and Sufi brothers, as well as leaders from around the world – from Kuwait to Ghana, Turkey to Canada, India to Algeria, and many lands in between. Dr. Angha was the first woman ever to sit in the inner circle council of the annual Sufi Symposium, where she also led a zikr – a truly revolutionary accomplishment.

Inspiration to Action

SWO’s second appearance was in March 1995 at the second annual Sufism Symposium, where many Sufi women stood side-by-side with their brothers and to lead the conference. They spoke on a panel before a packed conference hall, where many attendees even stood outside the room to hear what the women of SWO had to say. In 1997 SWO established the Sufi Women Dialogue, an email group, as a complementary service to (Sufi) women. SWO became a close family, with sisters from around the world. Through this effect, people who had never met before came together and created a trust, respect and friendship. Prompted by a desire to connect with all women, including those from other faiths who were dedicated to women’s rights and human rights, in September 1999, SWO organized its first conference. It was a two-day conference, dedicated to interfaith wisdom and dedicated to Islam/Sufism. In the time since, SWO has been involved with many movements and partnerships such as:

    • Global Women’s Peace Petition
    • Amnesty International
    • The High Commissioner for Human Rights
    • United Nations NGO/DPI
    • Parliaments of the World’s Religions
    • United Religions Initiative

And SWO has organized events and programs such as:

    • Women’s Wisdom, Women in Action Luncheons and Speaker Series
    • SWO Art Show
    • Chocolate Box Contribution Campaigns
    • Save the Iraqi Children Campaign
    • Sufi Women “Working Retreat”
    • Hijab in Turkey and Afghanistan

SWO has published writing and books that include:

    • Code of Ethics
    • The Veil: Hijab
    • Women’s Wisdom: Women in Action
    • SWO Cookbook
    • Sufi Women: Journey Towards the Beloved
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