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Sufism: an inquiry – Volume 18.4

  • The teachings of Sufi Masters Dr. Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar
  • Spiritual Principles and Practices
  • Sufi Reflections & History
  • Sheikh Abu Sa’īd Abul Khayr and The Life and Teachings of Amir al-Momenin Ali
  • Remembering Assayed Rafea Muhammad Rafea and Joseph Fink
  • Poetry by Nizami Ganjavi, Bozorgmehr & Dr. Sarah Hastings Mullin

“In the Universe, the history of the journey from eternity to eternity, the destiny and the mystery of each being, is wrapped within the being itself.” – Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar



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