Public Programs

Annual Sufism Symposium *

The Annual Sufism Symposium is a weekend of unity and self discovery presented by the International Association of Sufism. It is an international gathering of delegates from many cultures and backgrounds.


Building Bridges of Understanding *

Building Bridges of Understanding is a cooperative educational program of the International Association of Sufism and the Humanities Department of Dominican University of California, and with support from the Marin Community Foundation.

40 Days: Alchemy of Tranquility *

This program fosters emotional balance and a deeper understanding of human behavior and spiritual development. Spiritual practices are under the guidance of Sufi Masters, Dr.Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Dr. Ali Kianfar.  Members of the Community Healing Centers, who are licensed psychotherapists with many years of clinical experience and spiritual practice in the ancient wisdom of Sufism, help bridge spiritual teachings with the contemporary language of psychology.

* Understand the rule of unity which shows thatlogo there is no separation between emotions, physiology, and spiritual experience and that each being is a part of the greater unity with access to unchanging wisdom.

* Learn how to access hidden wisdom and to use it in daily life

* Four sessions offered during the year, one in each season

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