Building Bridges of Understanding

The Building Bridges of Understanding Series is an educational program of the International Association of Sufism and Dominican University of California Humanities Department, in cooperation with Marin faith communities. Partial funding from Marin Community Foundation.

First conceived by Nahid Angha, PhD, co-founder of the International Association of Sufism, and highly supported by Harlan Stelmach, PhD, who has chaired and taught courses at Dominican University Humanities Department, the Building Bridges series began with an interfaith forum to investigate shared spiritual values that could help the community respond to and heal from the crises of September 11, 2001.

As Dr. Angha said in her closing address at the first forum, “communities ensure the well being of their members through shared information, concerns, resolutions, awareness, active participation, appreciation and creation of common ground, and beneficial goals and hope for the future of our community.”

The Building Bridges of Understanding Series is ongoing.  See the left sidebar for information on our upcoming events and highlights from previous programs.  This series is intended people of various faith traditions, students, educators, psychologists, physicians, community activists, artists, families and seekers of all ages and backgrounds.














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