About IAS

International Association of Sufism was established in America in 1983 by Seyyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar. It is a nonsectarian, nongovernmental organization of the United Nations, Department of Public Information.

IAS Goals:

To introduce Sufism in all its varied forms to the public

To make known the interrelation between Sufi principles and scientific principles

To provide a forum for a continuing dialogue between the different schools of Sufism

To preserve and advance the study and goals of Sufism.

Through the efforts of many Sufi masters, the contributions of Sufi orders and schools, and with the help of scholars, educators, translators, and artists interested in the discipline of Sufism, the Association has come a long way toward successfully accomplishing its founding goals.

The members of IAS include prominent figures from a multitude of cultures, nations, and backgrounds.  Currently, the achievement of the International Association of Sufism has made the organization a DPI Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations.  To our knowledge, this is the first association to be formed to enable Sufis and scholars from around the world, from many nations and traditions, to establish relations and come together in the spirit of unity and harmony.

You are invited to take part in this historical and humanitarian movement.



One way that the International Association of Sufism has worked to achieve these goals is through an extensive publication program, which has brought Sufi Masters together with writers, translators, editors, and other members of the English speaking intellectual community.  Among its many publications and productions are Sufism: An Inquiry, a quarterly journal and Insight, IAS newsletter.  Working both separately and together, members of the Association have written many articles and essays, translated important Sufi works into English and contributed to Sufism, An Inquiry.  This quarterly journal introduces readers to the Sufis of the past and present – their schools, biographies, words of wisdom, instructions, poetry, and principles.  Insight focuses on Sufi activities, events, gatherings, and interviews.

Scholars and Translators:

Sufism is a universal discipline, a multinational practice-yet often has been obscured by difficulties of language and traditions.  We have been greatly honored to be able to take on this important task, and make available to the English speaking world accurate translations of Sufi philosophy, poems, and teachings, most of which were never previously translated into English.  International Association of Sufism has a network of translators and scholars fluent in English, Persian, Arabic, French, Spanish, and German.  These Sufi scholars are dedicated to the accurate translation of the complex and often elusive Sufi texts.

Sufism Symposium:

One of the most significant IAS achievements is the annual celebration of Sufism: Sufism Symposium.  This international, multicultural festival has brought prominent Sufi masters from around the world to the USA to celebrate this most influential school of civilization and to share their wisdom with a wide range of English-speaking audience.  Sufism Symposium is an annual IAS springtime event.  Mark your calendar.

Events and Education:

IAS holds seminars, classes, gatherings and conferences on Sufism and Psychology; Sufi Poetry and Literature; Principles of Sufism; Meditation; Erfan of Qur’an; Sufism Music and Movements, and many more.


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