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Letter from the Editors,

Welcome to Psychology: Traditional, Spiritual, Contemporary. Previously
entitled Sufism and Psychology Forum Newsletter, we have decided to
change our format in order to reach a wider audience. Our goal is to
be more inclusive, interfaith, and interdisciplinary, seeking bridges
between the old and the new, always centering around the relationship
between self-knowledge and spirituality. More...

SPF Panel at the Sufism Symposium 2005


Books on Sufi Psychology


Interview with Michele Ritterman

The following is an interview I conducted with Michele Ritterman, Ph.D. in January, 2007, an excerpt of which appears in the Spring newsletter. Dr. Ritterman pioneered the integration of hypnosis and family therapy, and has trained thousands of therapists in her approach to working with couple and families. More...

SPF Panel, Twelfth Annual Sufism Symposium

This years Sufism and Psychology panel was a very successful event. Each panelist addressed the theme: Theory and Practice, which was also the theme of the Symposium. More...

Sufism Psychology Panel Presentation, Eleventh Annual Sufism Symposium

Once again science and spirituality came together at the Psychology Forum hosted by the International Association of Sufism, the Sufism and Psychology Forum and the Community Healing Centers. The panel presentation for the 11th annual Sufism Symposium was on "Spiritual Research: Traditional and Modern". Speakers from diverse background demonstrated that current research is verifying ideas which have been discussed for years by Sufism and other ancient traditions. more...

The Sufism and Psychology Forum - A Retrospective

For the past six years, the afternoon preceding the Annual Sufism Symposium has found the spotlight on a panel discussion sponsored by the Sufism and Psychology Forum (SPF). Each year a group of distinguished speakers and an attentive audience have explored the depths of the relationship between modern psychology and spiritual wisdom, focusing on a topic within the scope of the Symposium theme. more...

Sufism Psychology Panel Presentation, Tenth Annual Sufism Symposium

"Let us pray that the arrogance of egotism may be broken, that truth may embrace the world, that souls shine like mirrors, and the hearts await until the holy messenger of heart whispers the psalms of God upon the face of creation and gives strength to the life of the human being." more...

Towards a Sufism Psychology

"One of my graduate professors taught that as psychotherapists we ought to be accountable to describe what we do, and he proposed the following framework." more...

Sufism Psychology Panel Presentation, Ninth Annual Sufism Symposium

The Ninth Annual Sufism Symposium was held in Bellevue, Washington on Memorial Day weekend, 2002. As in previous years, Sufism Panel Forum held a panel discussion on spirituality and psychology on Friday afternoon. The theme of the panel was “Balance and Harmony”more...

Sufism Psychology Panel Presentation, Eighth Annual Sufism Symposium

"The weekend began on Friday afternoon with the Sufism and Psychology Forum presentation of a panel discussion on "Soul's Longing." Moderator Amineh Amelia Pryor opened the forum with a presentation that included the invitation to empty our heart of attachments to the world and listen for the divine within, in order to attain tranquility." more...

SPF Roundtable Report, Eighth Annual Sufism Symposium

"Members of the Sufism and Psychology Forum met at the Eighth Annual Sufism Symposium to plan action steps for the coming year." more...

About the SPF

The Sufism and Psychology Forum (SPF) has been created as a department of the International Association to explore the relationship between the study of Sufism and of psychology. Members from around the world are working to bring together the application of Sufi principles and practices and the study of psychology through research, translation, and discussion in many different ways.

The SPF has been successful in opening and maintaining an international dialogue among Sufi practitioners who work in the field of psychology, and in facilitating the integration of Sufi principles into the practice of psychology. Through the efforts of its members and the support of the International Association of Sufism, the SPF has made great strides since its inception in 1996 toward meeting its founding goals.

Goals of the Sufism and Psychology Forum are to:

  • sponsor seminars and lectures presented by Sufi psychologists and therapists;
  • hold informal meetings to discuss related topics;
  • manage an electronic mailing list for SPF members;
  • provide a web site bulletin board for exchanging short articles and other information of interest related to both Sufism and psychology;
  • publish a quarterly newsletter;
  • publish books on Sufi Psychology;
  • expand the IAS research library, and
  • conduct research in the field of Sufi psychology

The Sufism and Psychology Forum is not affiliated with any one Sufi school or order.

You are Invited

If you are a Sufi and a psychologist, counselor, or other mental health professional, and are interested in joining this exciting forum, please fill out the membership form and return it to the Sufism and Psychology Forum.

Members will be encouraged to contribute articles for the newsletter, introduce subjects for discussion on the SPF internet dialogue, and to participate in outreach, lectures, and seminars.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, or if you have comments or suggestions, please contact us at spf@ias.org. Copyright © Sufism and Psychology Forum. All Rights Reserved.