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book coverPsychology in Sufism, Volume One
By Amineh Amelia Pryor.
An introductory text in which the psychological process of transformation of the self (nafs) is explored from within the context of Sufism. The author, who is both a Sufi practitioner and a licensed marriage and family therapist, writes about the psychology of Sufism in a way that is accessible to those who seek understanding of the practical benefits of this ancient mystical path and its usefulness in the present day. 68 pages; $12.00


book cover

The Sacred Journey: Unfolding Self Essence
By Arife Ellen Hammerle
Every human being has the capacity to experience the unfolding of Self essence within the heart filled with love as a precious and magnificent Being. Sufism is an ancient wisdom tradition that teaches psychological healing methods for the unfolding of Self essence which is a discovery of one self. Throughout this book, the sacred journey is revealed. The self dissolves through intention and balance which guides the human being to surrender to the unfolding process thereby revealing the inner witnessing of knowledge and peace in unity. 81 pages; $12.00

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