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SWO Luncheon Nov. 8, 2009


On Sunday November 8th, 2009, SWO members, friends and family joined together in Berkeley, California, to enjoy lunch, artwork, and an inspiring speaker. photo

The meeting began at the art gallery of Salma Arastu, a Muslim artist inspired by Arabic calligraphy, folk art and miniature art. Her paintings and metal sculptures all speak to the relationships among people in community. In her own words, she is �creating a body of work through continuous, lyrical line, to express joy in the universal spirit that unites humanity.�

The group assembled to hear psychotherapist and teacher Michelle Ritterman, Ph.D., discuss the power of relationship as she presented passages from her most recent book The Tao of a Woman. In this work Dr. Ritterman suggests eight steps of loving. She stresses the importance of women being self-empowered and fully present in relationships, remaining aware of any tendency to change for another or become unhealthy with self-criticism.

photoAfter enjoying the artwork and book reading with Ms. Aratsu and Dr. Ritterman, the group walked to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch and converse about the wonderful presentations.

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