It is written that those who become Sufi Masters, both women and men, are like burning stars, shining brightly in the Eastern sky. Their gift to life is simple and pure yet so important. Their gift is the gift of love, and a seeker who truly wants to know must also approach the study of Sufism with Love.

If we say that the collective knowledge of the Prophets is like a great tree, then Sufism is the fruit of that tree. If the principles of the Prophets can be likened to a garden of flowers, then Sufism is the fragrance of those flowers. If these great and wise principles handed down to us are descriptions of a human being, then Sufism is the spirit of the heart of that being.

Sufism: and Spirituality

Sufism is a spiritual system that enables seekers to take the inner path to self-awareness in a practical and direct manner, in order to arrive at the source of tranquility and timelessness, which is at the core of the teachings of the Prophets. Students of Sufism find themselves drawn toward the investigation of the glorious and magnificent creation, seeking the deeper meaning of human life and of life itself. The greatest pleasure, they discover, comes from attaining pure knowledge and awareness.

To follow and achieve this timeless idea of the covenant (Mithaq) between God and a human being became the foundation and the goal of the Sufis. At the beginning, there were just a few seekers who came together from different nationalities and religions around the Prophet of Islam and settled down on the platform (Suffa) of his mosque. This was the first Islamic mystical group and, later on, they were called Sufis, according to Islamic historical references.  Sufis are Muslims first, then search deeper to experience the true and divine meaning of Islam, the submission to the will of God.

Sufism: in a Lineage

Sufism is the mystical and esoteric dimension of Islam that began at the rise of Islam and by the direct teaching of the Prophet of Islam. 611 AD. Through the Abrahamic lineage, Islam was introduced to the public by the message of “la ilaha-elallah”, no one but the divine, as the final message of Unity and as one of two testimonies for one who becomes a Muslim. This testimony refers to the state of complete nothingness of a human being.  In addition was the testimony of the primordial covenant, before creation, which God called the future humanity, out of the loins of the not yet created Adam, and addressed them with the word: “Am I not your Lord?” And they answered: “Yes. We witness it.”

Sufism, today, comes to us, in part, through the teachings of many great masters of the past who dedicated their lives to the search for inner truth by perfecting arts and sciences, including alchemy, astrology, symbolism, story-telling and by studying the art of communicating with secret words. Each master has discovered the truth of Self and each one has a unique vintage of wine to offer. We will be sharing wisdom with you, from the great minds of the past as we examine how Sufism is helping to shape today’s scientists, artists, philosophers, and their works.

Sufism: and Science

The surface of nature is an immense exhibition of continuing eternal movement that demonstrates and presents all phenomenan with their own mysterious uniqueness, revealing the secrets hidden within, through the eyes of their observers. Throughout history, searching to know the laws, reasons and mysteries always has been the goal of some select groups, within the human family.

A case in point is the discovery of atomic structure. Scientists have known about atomic structure for less than 200 years while the great Persian Sufi Master, Molavi Jalaleddin Rumi, employing his inner concentration in the laboratory of the human heart, perceived the existence of atoms and electrons spinning around a nucleus more than 700 years ago. From the true inner search we can come to know the true pure nature of inner and outer reality and experience the joy that springs from perfect knowledge. Each person may search for the universal as well as that specific part of the whole, waiting to be known. Individuals may arrive at the center of existence and become the sun from which true knowledge radiates. Abraham’s message to worship only one God is as true today as it was in his time. Jesus understood the search for true knowledge, as did Buddha and Lao Tsu. The knowledge of the Prophets and great masters is universal. It does not belong to any one nation or time. True knowledge belongs to all of humankind.

Sufism: Among friends

Among the religious groups who believe and rely on hidden power and spirits beyond all movements are those individuals who impatiently love to experience and to understand their own origin and destiny and their relationship with God, the creator, without philosophical reasoning, argument, scientific measuring or explanation. Through the experience of these groups we have found another way to practice. They practice to discover the mystery—only the mystery of and within their own being. Each mystical school of any religion practices according to its own system of belief such as Kabbalah in Judaism, gnosis in Christianity and Zen in Buddhism.

Ultimately, Sufism views itself as a unique journey for people who seek the final destination in eternity.



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