On Love and Wisdom

Highlights from Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar, Songs of the Soul 2013


Imagine that you have a pen in your hand and a paper and you begin to write.  The first touch of your pen on a paper is one dot.  How do you begin?  It beings with one dot and you continue to write and finish your article and your book.

Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem.  Two words of six letters.  Four letters they share.  Each word ends with a dot.  Each word is a statement of love and wisdom to every part of creation without distinction: all has been done and all has been taken care of in the name of Love.

Praise be to Wisdom that has set the heart as a mirror to reflect the majesty of Love.  In every aspect of your being you will find the same distinction with the same focus in your seeing, in your hearing and in each part of your system that is in charge yet working together.

You cannot divide the universe.  Everything is united.  We can stand, we can sit, we can walk, we can talk and we can appreciate this beauty.  The Prophet Mohammad advises: ‘Think deeply about the creation of the skies.’

There actually is so much majesty that we don’t have time to think about it all.  Do not be distracted.  Be focused.  Meditate.  This practice does not require a book.  We have it.  Everything is available.  Look at nature.  Each page is a book in itself.  That is why we should be astonished.

Consider the act of thinking.  Is thinking really a function of the mind?  When the heart becomes clear and reflects majesty that is Wisdom.  Love and Wisdom are not separate.  Wisdom walks hand in hand with Love.

In a Hadith of the Prophet a question rises in his Being: ‘Who are You, God?’ Before we ask, ‘Who are You, God,” we first ask: ‘Who am I?’  This is the dot from which we start.  This is the question we are constantly asking.  This is the book we are constantly writing.  Hadith of Prophet Mohammad: ‘As you live, you live. As you live, you die. As you die, you continue.’

You cannot discover who you are by looking all around.  Be focused solely on your self: ‘I was a hidden treasure. I created the creation to be known by the movement of Love.’

‘Who am I?’  You are the result of Love.  You are the movement of Love.  You are the energy of Love.  Love is holding you all together in your cells while holding the very whole of you.

Nature produces that which is necessary for us.  We are grateful for food and bow in appreciation.  Appreciation is the expression of Love.  Knowledge of how to appreciate is the expression of Wisdom.

The heat of fire is valuable when it is confined within the fireplace.  Wisdom will rise, grow and mature within the fire of Love, which must be contained to remain precious and valuable.  Be shaken by Love, but do not be distracted by it.

Prophet Mohammad said: ‘The best among you is the one who learns and then acts accordingly.’  The job of Wisdom is to provide knowledge that informs our actions.  Imam Sadegh Jaffar says: ‘Between two good actions choose the better one. Between two bad actions choose the one less worse.’  It is not easy and takes practice.

Time is important.  A period of time is required for Wisdom to develop.  In Sufi terminology, the time is Forty Days.  Within the energy process, Wisdom grows. When we do not follow this energy process, Wisdom is not held within the heart. When we do follow this energy process, the Light rises up from darkness.

Knowing the eternal rule of Unity is beyond the capacity of the human mind. These two mysterious forces of Love and Wisdom are most complicated to define and encounter.  In the world of multiplicity, desire and the quest for power may mask themselves as Love, and assumption and illusion may mask themselves as Wisdom. 

By combining these two words together, Love and Wisdom, the limitation of the mind ends up creating the use of terms gods and goddesses for protective powers because the limited mind is unable to discover Love and Wisdom.  How can Love purify itself from all paradox and such puzzlement?  Love purifies its self when Love and Wisdom return home.

Ibn Arabi said, “When I turned away from those I thought were different, I did not see that all is contained within the House of Love.”


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