Itaf Awad, Dabbouriya, Galile

Itaf Awad, Dabbouriya, Galile Itaf Awad has helped to established the Dabbouriya Village Forum of Women committee among 15 women within a wider community of 62 active members. These women collaborate to serve as capacitor developers for other women in this small community to work on issues of social justice and equality in order to promote the status of women […]

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Jane Keji Alex, South Sudan

Jane Keji Alex, South Sudan Jane’s passion and strong work ethic moved her to the social work space where she serves rural communities to uplift the women who have been affected by the protracted war in South Sudan. She helps women through adult education, enrolls girls to join schools that have relatively lower school fees […]

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Fatima Sheriff Alhassan, Nigeria

Fatima Sheriff Alhassan, Nigeria Fatima promotes and advocates for women and children’s education particularly in social interaction, and challenges domestic violence/maltreatment and matrimonial conflict. She has played a vital role in mobilizing community to learn about and promote good nutrition, hygiene, and awareness on sexual abuse. The grant will help her continue her successful program […]

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Dima Samman, Jerusalem

Dima Samman,  Jerusalem Dima Samman is a Palestinian-Jerusalemite novelist and human rights activist. Dima was born and raised in occupied Jerusalem. Dima is currently the Director General of the Palestinian Ministry of Education. She believes that through education women can change their lives, and young men must be educated in order to be there to […]

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Ruth Nalyanya, Kenya

Ruth Nalyanya, Kenya Peace Path Development Initiative is a grassroots-based initiative, operating at the village level, that began as a series of activities and led to the mobilization of 40 women from 2 villages in Kenya, to undertake economic activities. The objectives are to strengthen the role of rural women in peace-building processes and community […]

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Solange Aquino, Portugal

Solange Aquino, Portugal Born in Brazil Solange immigrated to and has lived in Portugal since 1990. She has degrees in Science and Psychology, and has been a Technical Director of Casa Seis for 18 years.
 She has worked for a project to fight against poverty for a population, mostly of African origin. She has worked […]

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