Sonia Leon Gilbert

Sonia Leon Gilbert: For thirty-nine years, Sonia Leon Gilbert has been a president of the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship and Mosque with fourteen branches in the USA, Canada, England and Sri Lanka. In that time, the study of the Sufi Way, as exemplified by her exalted teacher, M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) has been her focus and her work. Wisdom gained thereby is included in her many speeches and is her guide to continued enthusiastic engagement in numerous Interfaith Dialogues. She is a regular speaker at Sufi Symposiums and an ardent supporter of Interfaith Endeavors. Author of articles and speeches, she recently contributed a chapter to the book The Revelation of the Breath. Her essay, The Divine Vibration in the Breath – A Song of Life was included for its salient observations on Consciousness. In earlier years, Sonia Leon was a voice graduate of the revered Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her operatic career spanned the concert stage, radio, television, performing with some of the greatest singers of the latter 20th century. From 1986 to 1998 she was the owner of two gem magazines, notably the international publication Lapidary Journal. In addition to these two mineral and jewelry arts magazines, she co-founded a third gem news magazine, Colored Stone, in 1987. Concerns for the spiritual, socio-political and physical environment has also led to a partnership in One Light Pictures LLC, a company involved in documentary film productions.  Topic: A Heart That’s Free

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