Shahjada Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Al-Hasani Wal Hossaini Maizbhandari (MJA)

SHAHJADA SYED SAIFUDDIN AHMED AL-HASANI WAL HOSSAINI MAIZBHANDARI (MJA) Tarikah-E-Maizbhandaria was established by Gausul Azam Hazrat Maulana Syed Ahmadullah Maizbhandari (R) in the middle of 19th century A.D. This Tarikah was furnished and consolidated by his nephew and chief Khalifa Gausul Azam Hazrat Maulana Syed Gulamur Rahaman Baba Bhandari (R). Since 1962 great ambassador of peace and Islam, Shaikhul Islam Baba Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al-Hasani Wal Hossaini (R) has been preaching the religion of Islam and enhancing the Tarikah-E- Maizbhandaria with utmost efforts both at home and abroad. He has made his legitimate successor Shahjada Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Al-Hasani wal Husaini Maizbhandari (M.J.A.). Shahjada Syed Saifuddin Ahmed was born in 1967 on 24th February. From the vary beginning of his boyhood he is gentle, pious and who hearted devotee of God. After completion of graduation his Murshid Qiblah endowed him the responsibility of conducting the Darbar Sharif. He was entrusted with Khilafat. Syed Saifuddin has thousands of disciples both at home and abroad. He loves and appreciates his disciples very much. He is the honourable President of Anjuman-E-Rahmania Mainia Maizbhandaria. Anjuman-E-Rahmania Mainia Maizbhandaria  Shajada syed Saifuddin ahmed Al-Hasani wal Husaini maizbhandari (M.J.A.) founded the `Mainia Foundation’. Its head office is situated in the Capital city of Bangladesh. It’s a non political but a socio-religious organization. The foundation distributed a large number rickshaws among the rickshaw pullers. It lends money to the poor, widows, orphans and indigents without any interest. The foundation does not keep it self silent at the time of any natural calamities in any part of the country. It always rushes to the affected areas with alms and food. The president himself takes care of the victim and extends his ability. The foundation is always associated with all humanitarian programs. Foundation also founding Tube wells for Arsenic free pure drinking water. Every year the Foundation takes the plantation program headed by the president in various parts of the country every year in the rainy season.  Shahjada syed Saifuddin ahmed Al-Hasani wal Hossaini Maizbhandari (M.J.A.) is always busy with socio-religious works. Now he is the leader of Darbar-E-Gausul Azam Maizbhandari to preach Sufism & tarika with tasauf in home & abroad.  We wish him success in every spheres of life. May Allah bless him.

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