Matthew Davis, PhD

Matthew Davis, PhD creates lessons about the inner journey of living in the natural world.  His home as a child moved around the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf with his parents who were teachers.  He has spent the last twelve years writing, and teaching composition, literature and critical (creative) thinking at many levels, from colleges, to juvenile detention centers and corporations.  He was the founding director of The Worldview Literacy Project, is the Executive Director of the Pseads Institute and has worked as a business executive.  He has a doctorate in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness.  Matthew is a student of martial arts and the Biodynamic model of osteopathic medicine, and most directly Uwaiysi Sufism under the guidance of Sufi Masters Dr. Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar; a constellation and living practice that informs his way of seeing the spatial dynamics (and stillness) of classrooms, boardrooms, and the broader community of being human.  His teaching philosophy is: to be even more present with the Wisdom of every moment as it manifests uniquely through each individual and synchronizing with the Wisdom of the natural world around us – in other words, a re-enchantment with the mystery, beauty and wonder of the universe; through our hearts, our minds and the experience of our bodies.

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