Itaf Awad, Dabbouriya, Galile

Itaf Awad, Dabbouriya, Galile

Itaf Awad has helped to established the Dabbouriya Village Forum of Women committee among 15 women within a wider community of 62 active members. These women collaborate to serve as capacitor developers for other women in this small community to work on issues of social justice and equality in order to promote the status of women and realise their social, economic and political identity through educational and social activities.

Itaf also serves on the Kfar Qara3 Women’s Election Campaign Team to help a group of women to develop the emotional resilience needed to deal with their election campaign work in  the village.  Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE) and Taiji were used in the three pro bono workshops.

She is also providing workshops for the Friends of Community Vision, in Jenin, West Bank.  These Tools for Well Being Workshops have the aim of equipping community members in teams of 20 with tools for release from stress and trauma.

Itaf offers courses on a voluntary basis. She is a certified leader and mentor of the process of ‘counsel’. Counsel is the core process of the Capacitar wellness practices that help people tap into the wisdom of their own body, mind and spirit. to lead to healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and in the world. The Capacitar organisation has an American mentor allocated to help her work. Itaf is seeking funding to establish the full training process in the West Bank and translate the teaching manuals ‘Way of the Counsel’ into Arabic.

The Women’s Wisdom Service Appreciation Grant will help her significantly to improve the life of Palestinian women through social programmes including healthcare, employment and conflict resolution.

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