Shah Nazar Seyed Dr. Ali Kianfar

Shah Nazar Seyed Dr. Ali Kianfar is the co-director and co-founder of the International Association of Sufism, and executive editor of the journal Sufism: An Inquiry. He is a disciple of Moulana Shah Maghsoud, 20th Century Persian Master of the Uwaiysi Tariqat. Dr. Kianfar began studying erfan under the guidance and supervision of his Master, who later appointed him to teach and lead gatherings. An internationally published author and lecturer, Dr. Kianfar has taught Sufism and Islamic Philosophy throughout the world for over 40 years and has thousands of students internationally. He is the founder and spiritual director of 40 Days: The Alchemy of Tranquility, a psychospiritual program for spiritual growth and inner peace.

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