Dima Samman, Jerusalem

Dima Samman,  Jerusalem

Dima Samman is a Palestinian-Jerusalemite novelist and human rights activist. Dima was born and raised in occupied Jerusalem. Dima is currently the Director General of the Palestinian Ministry of Education. She believes that through education women can change their lives, and young men must be educated in order to be there to change society toward the better. Dima has inspired many to express their problems, their challenges and feelings through writing. She was a pioneer as a female writer in Jerusalem.  She has encouraged women to be involved in society through education, to become activists to defend their rights and to participate in decision making.

She is the founder for Seventh Day Forum where many writers, politicians and educators meet once a week for two hours to discuss novels, short stories and poetry that deals with different social and political issues related to the Palestinian people in general and the Jerusalemite in specific. The Grant will help her organization. This grant will help to conduct workshops for women and youth on creative writing to help them voice their needs, feelings and inspirations for the future.

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