Albert Tenaya

Albert Tenaya is one of the few descendants of Yosemite Valley’s Chief Tenaya. In 2000 Albert entered the DirecTV Talent Search and he took the first place honors and the trophy. It was this accomplishment that began his musical career and now he performs from Arizona to Idaho at various American Indian events, celebrations, powwows and gatherings. Albert is a Northern Style Traditional Dancer. In 2004 I heard the call of my Ancestors to introduce the American Indian flute into my performances. In 2005 I came out with a C.D. of 21 tracts titled: “Medicine Water Flute Songs” which has received much success, and in 2008, It was chosen by “Ken Burns” of Florentine films for use in his documentary. “The National Parks, America’s Best Idea”. In 2009 Dr. Masuro Emoto the Crystal Water Scientist, also used the first track from the same C.D. titled, “Calling All Waters”. Albert was invited to meet Dr. Emoto in Mount Shasta, CA in July at his water symposium, to view a film using Albert’s music, which morphed an amazing crystal into Multi-colors. It was so beautiful displaying the colors green, blue, and pink. Dr.Emoto takes his water symposium lectures around the world, showing how music impacts LIVE, water molecules. He said, that Albert was the first American Indian flute musician he has ever used for his water music experiments. He also said that the people of the United States of America, should take care of the Native American People. His comment was received with a loud standing ovation from all in attendance.

In November 2009, Albert was Honored by the Defense Language Institute at Fort Presidio of Monterey, CA. Where he received Metals by The U.S. Marines, The U.S. Army, The U.S. Navy And The U.S. Air force, and also received a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding service at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center’s National American Indian Heritage Month Observance. In September of 2011 Albert was requested to perform for the California Governor staff for the Declaration of establishing Sept 22,2011 as California Indian Day. In October of 2011 Albert was invited to share his music for the 26th Annual California All Indian Conference that was held at Chico State University. In November of 2011 Albert was honored by the Dublin,Ca. Parks Reserve Forces Training Area. In November of 2011 Albert was invited to share and educate the students of Skyline College in the   Culture of California Native People and their music. Albert continues to educate his audiences during his performances about the issues Native People have to struggle with. Albert continues to record his style of flute music that he calls, Medicine for the human mind. Albert’s music has been purchased by many college students and they have told him that his music helped them to focus while studying, which helped them improve their grades. “Stories My Grandmother Told Me”

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