Abdullahi El-Okene

Abdullahi El-Okene Born in Okene, Nigeria on Thursday 6th, June 1957, and has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria in 1979, M.Sc in 1984 and Phd in1995. He is currently Professor of Agriculture Engineering and heads the Agricultural Mechanization Research Programme. Abdullahi is a student of Shaikh Ahmad Tijani, Shaikh Ibrahim Nyass is his Role Model. He studied, travelled widely with Shaikh Tahir Bauchi of Nigeria and Imam Hassan Cisse of Senegal, and had the blessing of brief studies with Shaikh AbulFathi, Shaikh Shereef Saleh al-Hussainy, Shaikh Ismaila Sufi, Shaikh Aliyu Harazim al-Hausawi, Mallam Habu Danbami, Khalifa Ghali of Shaikh Yahuza-Zaria, Ustaz Ismaila, studied Qur’an with Mall Aliyu Ogaminana.A bdullahi believes in all the six compulsory articles of Islamic Faith, the Consensus of Ulama with respect to the Qur’an and Traditions and totally against blind criticism of what is not clearly forbidden by Qur’an and Hadith. He however follows the schools of Thought of Imam Malik’s with regards Sharia, al-Ash’ari with regards Tauheed and Divine Attributes, al-Tijani with regards Zikr, and Warsh with regards Qur’an Recitation. Topic: Prophetic Poems of an Annihilated Saintly Pole.

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