Al-Hadi: The Guide
From the IAS Prison Project

By the grace and mercy of Allah, we have been able to publish Al Hadi Newsletter for two years. Al Hadi affords us an opportunity to give a spiritual bent to the current prison crisis. Al Hadi also serves as a means for us to share the wisdom of Sufism through publishing biographies of great Sufis, sharing Sufi stories and poetry. Through our “Voices from the Inside” column and “The Mail Bag”, inmates also have an opportunity to share letters and poems with the outside world.

From the Institute for Sufi Studies

Insight is the quarterly newsletter of the Institute of Sufi Studies. Insight publishes original articles on Sufism and other spiritual traditions, and provides coverage of Interfaith events. The newsletter helps keep the Sufi community informed of current topics and upcoming events.

Psychology: Traditional, Spiritual, Contemporary
From the Sufism and Psychology Forum

Our goal is to be more inclusive, interfaith, and interdisciplinary, seeking bridges between the old and the new, always centering around the relationship between self-knowledge and spirituality. Issues are organized around different themes, representing points of convergence between traditions.

Sufi Women
From the Sufi Women Organization

The Sufi Women Newsletter is a quarterly collection of articles written by and for Sufi Women. Articles include academic research, project updates, call for papers, and status reports from international Sufi Women Chapters. It is a wonderful way to connect and stay in touch with Sufi Women from around the world.

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