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The International Association of Sufism

a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization/department of public information of the United Nations, bringing together scholars, educators, translators, and artists interested in the discipline of Sufism. [more]

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Science and NonDuality


“Take twenty one of the finest thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, psychotherapy, art, Vedanta, Sufism, Judaism, and Buddhism and ask them some of the toughest questions known to humankind and this is what you get: A groundbreaking anthology of interviews that illuminate the deepest and most compelling mysteries of the human experience.”

Order the Science and NonDuality Anthology DVD here.

You can also watch a trailer of Seyyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha, Ph.D. as she discusses the subect of illumination at the conference, held in San Rafael, CA in October:


Dr. Angha

The Position and Rights of Women in Islam

Watch a video of Dr. Nahid Angha as she discusses the Position and Rights of Women in Islam during a Keynote Luncheon for the Star King School for the Ministry.

International Conference on Science and Spirituality

Cortona, Italy

Since 1985, doctoral students and university professors from all over the world have been meeting in Cortona with philosophers, artists, psychologists, monks, musicians and others for a colourful gathering of about 150 participants who spend a week together, attending lectures and participating in “experimental” workshops, all of which focus on the topic “Natural Sciences and the Wholeness of Life.” [more]


Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar and H.H. the Dalai Lama

San Francisco, USA

During a recent private meeting, His Holiness Dalai Lama expressed his sorrow about the conflict between Sunnis and Shi’as… [more]



Neuroscience & Spiritual Practices:

Transforming the Embodied Mind

Dr. Angha, with more than two dozen scientists, philosophers, theologians, and spiritual teachers, engaged in an extended conversation in order to deepen our understanding of the interconnection between spiritual practice and neuroscience.  This conference was organized and held at Claremont School of Theology, Oct 12 – Oct 14, 2008. [more]

Photos from past Sufism Symposia


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