International Conference on Science and Spirituality Cortona, Italy, June 12-20, 2009

The conference, co-sponsored by Fetzer Institute and Universita degli Studi Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Biologia, brought together scientists, biologists, spiritual leaders, theologians, philosophers and artists with doctoral students in the humanities, science and theology to the beautiful and peaceful Cortona. Dr. Nahid Angha led daily morning meditation and shared a panel presentation on “Human Dignity and the New Frontiers of Science” together with Brother David Steindt-Rast and Dr. Fritjof Capra.

During panels, workshops and small group discussions, participants discussed both the current and potential relationship between scientific rationality and spiritual principles.

Topics included:
The Power of Science, the Power of Spirituality;
The Mystery of Order: Is the Order Immanent of Transcendent
Neuroscience and the Spiritual Experience
The Quantum Observer: Does Mind Matter
Sacred Nature; and
Human Dignity and the New Frontiers of Science

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