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Sufism-Psychology Conference

The Interplay of Psychology and Spirituality: “Beyond Identifications”

Members of SPF, in collaboration with CHC, held a one day event at St. John’s in Berkeley featuring Dr. Laurence Heller, author of Healing Developmental Trauma, as well as our own team of presenters. To read about it, see the article in The Journal here.


The SPF Newsletter,Psychology: Traditional, Spiritual, Contemporary” is available electronically. Email us at spf@ias.org to be added to the email list for the newsletter.


40 Days: Alchemy of Tranquility Annual Retreat

Theme: “Reflection: Mind-Heart”

January 29-31, 2021  at Santa Sabina Center, in San Rafael, CA.  For more information go to the 40 Days page  or email 40days@ias.org.


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