Soul’s Melodies: an Unfolding of Poetry, Music, & Meditation


Renowned Sufi writer and scholar, Dr. Nahid Angha, and the Taneen Sufi Music Ensemble will be participating in the Social Dream Lab at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. This event will include poetry reading from world renowned Sufi poets and mystics, exploration of the the hidden meaning behind the words, music performance by Taneen, and meditation practice.

Audience members will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Learn about Sufism through the experience of Sufi poetry and music
  • Practice meditation
  • Experience the sublime presence

This event is appropriate for anyone who enjoys experiential immersion in poetry and music, for those who are curious about the wisdom that Sufism has to offer, and for all who long for the Presence of the Beloved.  The event offers a means to escape the illusions of the mind and entry into the wisdom of the heart.  Recommended for truth seekers of all ages.

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Social Dream Lab at the de Young Museum

Contemporary culture is awash in the rhetoric of dreams and revolutionary longing. From attempts to revitalize America (the American Dream) and reinvigorate civil rights (the Dream Act) to recent global grassroots movements that imagine a future of social, economic, and environmental justice for all, collective aspirations are being creatively expressed and shared with unprecedented speed and reach. During the month of February 2013, the Kimball Education Gallery will be used as a laboratory for exploring the intersection of individual and shared states of (un)consciousness. Invited guests will include experts from diverse backgrounds who will facilitate dream experiments using both poetic and scientific methodologies. During the month, artists Wilson and Zimmerman will continue research and production for their experimental film, Close the Eyes, as they further examine both personal and collective dynamics of dreaming and its relationship to larger social and cultural issues of our time.

The social dream lab will run from February 6 through March 2, 2013 with a rich line-up of events.


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