40 Days Annual Retreat 2016

40 Days Annual Retreat 2016The 40 Days Alchemy of Tranquility Retreat was held at the Santa Sabina Retreat Center in San Rafael, California; the weekend focus was Self in all  dimensions: psychological, physiological, and spiritual. It was a beautiful weekend a great number of engaged participants.  The time participants spent together throughout the weekend were peaceful and profound for all.
The retreat was led by Sufi Masters Seyyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha and  Seyyed Shah Nazar Dr. Ali Kianfar, along with the 40 Days team of experienced psychotherapists and educators.  The participants were invited to explore the dimensions of self through presentations, meditation, poetry, music, and martial arts exercises, offering each participant an opportunity for personal practice.
Topics ranged from an exploration of the process of transformation, the importance of the deep connection between our physical essence and the essence of the universe, and new scientific research into the field of neuro-cardiology. The presenters also discussed the psychological and spiritual benefits of self-purification, appreciating the gift of one’s life, and practices to discover the image of the divine within one’s own heart.  as the hadith says: I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known.  Whoever finds self finds the divine.  

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