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Patricia Holt: The Publishing Revolution

Saturday, March 5, 2016 9:30 -11:30 a.m. at The Club at Mcinnes Park: 350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, California.

Patricia HoltOn a blustery El Nino Saturday morning, March 5, 2016, the Sufi Women’s Organization hosted a successful and well-attended breakfast in San Rafael, California with author, editor, critic, and radio personality Patricia Holt. Patricia gave a lively and impassioned presentation about “The Publishing Revolution”.

To start off the event, members of the SWO Program Committee welcomed the audience to the breakfast and spoke about the ongoing works of SWO and its founder, Dr. Nahid Angha:

  • SWO is a significant forum for all women, with seventeen chapters around the world.
  • SWO works in support of other humanitarian organizations, such as Amnesty International.
  • SWO has devoted time and financial support towards many of Amnesty International’s campaigns for human rights.

We were then introduced to Patricia and learned about her illustrious career in the field of publishing.

Patricia began her presentation with an eye-opening version of the history of American book publishing, from its beginnings in Colonial Times on the East Coast. This centralization of book publishing in a handful of publishers in the East determined what was and wasn’t published, even as the United States spread across the continent to the West Coast.

Moving forward to the present time, she told us about how in only a few decades, the Internet has created a huge cultural upheaval that is still having disastrous effects on the book and media industries. Patricia told us we have a “revolution” in our midst with the present role of women in what used to be a nearly exclusive male regime, along with the threat of Amazon.com replacing booksellers, and a possibility of facing a future without print-on-paper.

Patricia Holt, SWO breakfast speaker

Following her very informative and thought provoking presentation, Patricia answered questions from the audience and spoke with attendees. In addition to appreciating the engaging speaker, the attendees all enjoyed a tasty breakfast and lively conversation with one another. We look forward to our next SWO Breakfast Lecture!


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