Women’s Wisdom

Sufi Women Organization Presents:

Women in Action Service Appreciation Grant

The Women’s Wisdom: Women in Action program established in 1999 by Dr. Nahid Angha, is offering an Annual Service Appreciation Grant. This grant is designed to honor and support the work of a woman or a women-led organization in rural neighborhoods.

This Grant Honors those who have shown excellence in the following areas:

  • Significantly improving the quality of life of women through social programs: health care, employment, and conflict resolution

  • Advocating to reduce poverty among women

  • Improving gender equality in public and/or private life

  • Promoting women’s and girls’ right to access education

Nominations for candidates for the grant will be solicited and invited solely by the Women in Action program. All candidates must be nominated by a colleague(s) or by an individual(s) who has come to understand the work of the woman or women-led organization.

Nominations are open and accepted in the Spring of each year.  Winners will be announced in September of that year.

A panel of volunteers will review nominations. The awardee will receive $500-$1,000 from the program as a grant.

Award recipient(s) shall be selected by IAS and SWO in its sole and absolute discretion based on the above criteria for nomination and selection. Nominations that are not selected will be reconsidered again in the next year following their nomination (and will not need to be re-nominated).

The Sufi Women Organization (“SWO”) founded 1992 is a department of the International Association of Sufism (“IAS”), a California based non profit humanitarian organization affiliated with the United Nations NGO/DPI.

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