Art Show with Salma Arastu


Sufi Women Luncheon with Salma Arastu November 19, 2011

On Saturday, November 19, 2011, the Sufi Women Organization sponsored a luncheon featuring world renown  artist and author Salma Arastu.  Salma was born and educated in India; she was born into the Sindhi and Hindu tradition and later embraced Islam through her marriage.  In addition to being a prolific painter for more than 30 years, Salma has also authored several works of free verse poetry and short stories in her native Hindi.  Her latest book, published in 2008 in English is titled “The Lyrical Line” and has more than 100 images of her works from the last 10 years.

Salma gave a riveting talk and presentation on the topic of Rumi, whose poetry has inspired her to create the most beautiful expressions of art.  Salma displayed several of her Rumi inspired paintings and also gave a power point presentation featuring both Rumi poetry and pictures of her  paintings; she described her artistic journey with great passion.

One attendee described her experience of the luncheon in the following way: “The most magnificent thing was the artist, her joy and the fact that she can express how she feels through her paintings; it moves me to tears.  Just look at these paintings!  During her presentation, you could just see how this art comes out of her; she’s not just sitting there figuring out what to do.  She gets her inspiration and puts it on paper and is  able to also verbally express it.”

Attendees enjoyed a delicious lunch, followed by the presentation by Salma Arastu. Another attendee captured the day well when she said: “I was so impressed by the presentation today.  Salma Arastu came to speak at a lunch a few years ago and it is just amazing to me the amount of work she has done since that time, and the love and the beauty and the inspiration that flows through her.  I am so grateful to the Sufi Women Organization for putting this event together.”

The Sufi Women Organization, a forum for women of diverse cultural backgrounds, is a department of the International Association of Sufism, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the United Nations. Established in 1993, SWO’s humanitarian goals include women’s rights, education, and social equity.

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