Project Khaneghah

Project KhaneghahFollowing in the footsteps of the ancient Sufis, the International Association of Sufism is setting a schedule to build a Khaneghah, which means “the house of time,” in Northern California.

This “House of Time,” open to all Sufis from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and orders, will act as the center of a web that will connect and unite all the surrounding schools and our communities. It will be a place for gatherings, classes, mediation groups and zekr – or simply a sanctuary from today’s chaotic world. As a tool that connects us all, the center can be used for obtaining information on Sufism and its different schools.

To our knowledge, this is the first association to be formed to enable Sufis and scholars from around the world, from many nations and traditions to establish relations and come together in the spirit of unity and harmony.

Through our involvement with a multitude of Sufi organizations and orders, it has become apparent that this center is a much needed resource for Sufis around the world. The Khaneghah will ensure that the peace and harmony that fills the Annual Sufism Symposium is not momentary, but permanently captured in the walls of the Khaneghah.

Your generous contributions are of great importance and a vital step toward bringing together not just the different Sufi orders, but our communities as well. Please remember that not all contributions are monetary. If you have suggestions, donations, professional connections, information about grants and other resources, please contact us.

If making a donation, please send your tax deductible contributions to:

Project Khaneghah
International Association of Sufism
14 Commercial Blvd., Suite 101
Novato, CA 94949

Please make checks payable to the International Association of Sufism. For more information about the Khaneghah call us at +1 415 472 6959.


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