Literacy Project

The IAS Literacy Project has recently redesigned its goals. Sufi Storytelling and Children’s Literacy are now combined in a special program: presenting stories of Sufi Wisdom and other stories that promote wise judgment and self-esteem in children preschool through second grade. Following our storytelling sessions, we provide a free selection of children’s books for the children to take home.

Resource Libraries

The International Association of Sufism has established a series of Resource Libraries that benefit needy organizations dedicated to working with disadvantaged children and young mothers with drug problems. Our current project will serve literacy tutors who are educating thirty young mothers with only a third grade education.

Currently, the International Association of Sufism Resource Library is located within the Institute for Sufi Studies in Novato, California. The contains a large collection of interfaith and interreligious books in several languages focusing on Sufism, Islam, World Religions, psychology, history, literature, health, women’s spirituality.

Donations of books or educational materials are always welcomed.

School Visits

Our story tellers volunteer their time in local schools. Please contact us if you are a preschool or kindergarten group wishing to receive an exciting visit from our storytellers.

Literacy Program
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