Sufism: Legends, Stories and Spiritual Inspiration.

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Sessions including traditional storytelling, poetry, and spiritual practices and invited reflection and conversation on the integral relationship between environment, health, and meditation.

Presentation titles included:


Open Heart Open World
Forest The Beautiful Names of Allah OR Finding Union in the Breath
Meditations from the Heart on the processes of transformation of the Nafs
Tending the Garden: A right balance between Heaven and Earth        Manifestations of Love and Stages of Heart
The Path of the Pilgrim
Jesus’ Spiritual Journey
Being One, Being Light
Layers of Perception
Stages of the Heart

On Friday evening, the Whirling Dervishes and Taneen Sufi Music Ensemble shared sacred music and Sufi sema, packing Angelico Hall at Dominican University of California. The Humanities Department of Dominican helped co-sponsor the event.

Also included in this year’s conference was a presentation by Voices for Justice, a program of Sufi Youth International, and the annual luncheon meeting of Sufi Women Organization.

List of Presenters:

Nahid Angha, Ph. D.
Shahid Athar, MD
Rev. Paul Chaffee
Nevit Ergin, MD
Sheikha Jilani Julie Esterly
Azima Lila Forest
Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs
Sonia Gilbert
Jonathan Granoff (Ahmed Muhaiyadeen)
Arife Ellen Hammerle, Ph. D.
Ibramin Jaffe, MD
David Katz, MD
Tamam Kahn
Seyyed Ali Kianfar Shah Nazar, Ph. D.
Emmanuel Levin (Musa Muhaiyadeen)
Sharon Mijares, Ph. D.
Safa Ali Michael Newman
Glenn Pascall
Prof. Saleh Arthur Scott
Bahram Shiraz, Ph. D.
Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar
African delegates from Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana
Egyptian delegates


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