Expressions of Beauty

A Multicultural Event: In March of 1996, participants came from many cultures and backgrounds including: Bangladesh, Canada, England, Ghana, Kuwait, Persia, South Africa, Turkey, the United States, and many more offering a weekend of Unity and an opportunity for all to learn about The Expressions of Beauty and Sufism.

Topics of Presentations

  • Expressions of Beauty in Art & Calligraphy
  • An Appreciation of the Alhambra through Ibn Arabi’s Writing on Theophany and Imagination
  • What is Beautiful?
  • Beauty: The Paradise of Erfan
  • Shining Depths: An Introduction to the Mathnawi of Rumi
  • What Shams Gave to Mevlana: Reflections on the Maqalat of Shams-e-Tabriz
  • The Celestial Dragon of Astrology and the Spiritual Evolution of Individuals
  • The Ascension: The Unveiling of God’s Beauty
  • Images of Beauty in Persian Poetry and Miniature
  • An Angel with White Light: An Introduction to the Mystical Poetry of Ibn Arabi
  • Love Harmony, Live in Beauty
  • Manifestations of the Most Beautiful Names
  • How Sufis express their emotions toward the Beauty of the Personality of the Prophet Mohammad (SW)
  • and Many More!

Panel Discussions

  • Beauty from Interfaith Perspective
  • God, the Truth, the Benefactor and the Beautiful
  • The Beautiful Names in Sufi Character Development


  • Ayin-i-Jam, Sema of Beauty, Whirling Dervishes, Mevlevi Sema
  • Journey to the Lord of Beauty: Dhikr Allah as a Manifestation of the Divine Symphony
  • Beauty of the Maizbhandari Zekr and Dance
  • Embodying Beauty through Breath, Sound, and Movement
  • The Beautiful Names: Wazifa and Zikr, Sound and Movement
  • Music, Movement and Sufism
  • Sacred Movement
  • The Expressions of Beauty through the Music of Zekr
  • Saturday Night All Sufi Zekr


Friday Night

We met the Speakers and the Workshop Leaders who are coming from far and near to participate at this historical event. Scheduled Program: Sufi Music; Poetry Reading: poems from Saadi, Hafez, Shabistari, Khayam, Shah Maghsoud, and other Sufi Poets; and Story Telling.


Informational materials, book displays and audio materials as well as photographs and miniatures by the participating groups, Sufi Orders and speakers. Several publishing companies displayed their works and/or other informational materials.


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