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Sufism: Self, Path and Guide

Human beings long to understand themselves and their place in the world. For fourteen centuries Sufism has provided a path to self-knowledge and to wisdom of our deep harmony with the heart of the universe.

In this book Dr. Pryor explores the self, the path, and the guide, including references and teachings from Sufis throughout the ages. Integrating psychology, science, and timeless wisdom with her experience in traveling the path of Sufism, she takes an esoteric and mystical topic and explains how the current practice of Sufism leads to a transformation toward inner balance, harmony, peace, and tranquility.

Dr. Pryor is a student of Sufism under the guidance of Sufi Masters Seyyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar. As an active member of International Association of Sufism and a practicing psychotherapist, Dr. Pryor is the author of Psychology in Sufism, co-author of Sufi Grace, and has written numerous articles in the journal Sufism: An Inquiry. She speaks at conferences locally and internationally, facilitates meditation and consultation groups, and is a facilitator in the 40 Days: Alchemy of Tranquility program.

This book may be purchased on Amazon at this link.


Sufi Wisdom: The Collected Words of Sufi Master Nahid Angha

A collection of rich and  inspiring words compiled from numerous sources  and verbal teachings as a Sufi Master. Dr. Nahid Angha’s teaching and guidance inspire a deep understanding of the wisdom of Sufism. She is a world-renowned, twenty-first century Sufi Master who graciously educates and supports students throughout the world. She shares her wisdom teachings throughout this rich book based on themes, such as: Nature, Life, Heart, Longing, Love, Peace, Meditation and Transformation, the Journey, and Spiritual Discipline.

Each saying is unique and powerful. They will inspire your heart to connect to a deep wisdom and understanding. A beautiful and transformative  compilation of wisdom teachings. Two excerpts from the book:

On The Journey
“Attune to the right wavelength, so you can receive your share of this magnificent Being. The Qur’an reads: ‘Remember Me, I remember You. Call Me, I will answer.'” (p. 65)

On Heart
“The book of heart has many chapters and many titles. It is permeated with never-ending secrets to be discovered and new mysteries to be revealed with the will of the Divine and the guidance of a Teacher. Yet, purity of heart in searching for knowledge is what one should accomplish before time has passed with no returning.” (p. 31)

This book may be purchased on Amazon at this link.


Caravan: Biographies from the Sufism Symposia, 1994-2014
By Dr. Nahid Angha

Caravan CoverOne of the IAS’ contributions to the historical movement are the Sufism Symposia, where for one weekend almost every year since 1994 Sufis and spiritual leaders from around the world gathered to create a global spiritual family dedicated to peace. The IAS has compiled the biographies of those, who for more than twenty years, have been fellow travelers on this magnificent journey.

In 2011, the IAS invited Symposia participants and presenters to submit their biographies for this book. Submissions arrived in biographical, autobiographical, and resume formats, and editors made minor formatting revisions to prepare this volume. Every effort was made to contact all the presenters of the Sufism Symposia since 1994 for their biographical contributions.

The wonderful life stories that arrived in time for publication are presented.

This book is the first volume in a series of compilations and includes a brief history of IAS and its many departments and programs.

Available for purchase from Amazon or directly from IAS (download order form here).


Stations of the Sufi Path
By Dr. Nahid Angha

Stations of the Sufi Path’ is a new translation of a key Sufi text and the first Persian work to address the stages, or stations, of the Sufi way. Its author, Abdullah Ansari, was born in 1006 in Herat in present-day Afghanistan, and is considered one of the greatest as well as one of the earliest of the Persian Sufi scholars whose works constitute an important contribution to the intellectual history of Islam. Detailed descriptions of each ‘station’ make this work an esoteric masterpiece, now almost one thousand years old, that invites the reader on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.



Illumination of the Names
By Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar

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Seasons of the Soul
By Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar


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All of these titles are available directly through IAS: 415-382-7834

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