Love and Wisdom through the Qur’an, the Bible and Words of Wisdom

Dr. Kianfar

Taught by Shah Nazar Seyyed Ali Kianfar, Ph.D., world-renowned Sufi Master

Understanding the Qur’an Summer and Fall 2020 Classes

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Understanding the Qur’an, The Bible and Words of Wisdom are coursework for persons of all spiritual backgrounds and traditions who are seeking to learn more about themselves, the true meaning of religion (and Islam), the true but hidden messages of the Qur’an, truly understand the Bible and the knowledgeable way toward universal understanding (God/Allah).

Participants will leave the class with:

  • A deeper understanding of their own Self;
  • How the mysticism of religion is appropriately directed to the destination of Self-knowledge through the flame of Love burning in the hearth of Wisdom;
  • How the Qur’an is not a book for external imitation but more fully a mirror in which to understand the hidden language and rhythm that is the book of your own Self in the point of Unity (universal harmony, etc.)

These classes, taught by a knowledgeable and wise Sufi Master, will prove to be a valuable resource to persons of all religious and spiritual faiths and traditions. They will deepen and enrich your own personal spiritual practice, whatever your faith or spiritual tradition, and have been attended by: people in rabbinical training, people in Christian ministry, Buddhist scholars, scholars of indigenous American traditions, psychologists, medical physicians, philosophy students, university professors, community activists, poets, masters of martial arts, and classroom teachers.

Love and Wisdom Classes
Taught by Shah Nazar Seyyed Ali Kianfar, Ph.D.
World-renowned Sufi Master


Institute for Sufi Studies
14 Commercial Blvd., #101, Novato, CA

If the San Francisco Bay Area is still under shelter in place orders at the time of the class, it will be held online via Zoom.

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