Muslim non Muslim Dialogue


Become part of the Dialogue exchange of ideas, channel of communication, discourse, interchange, discussion, information flow, negotiation

Thursday, Sept 12th, 6 pm Heritage Room in the Edgehill Mansion
Power of Women United: Muslim and Christian
View Pray the Devil Back to Hell: an award-winning documentary about a group of brave and visionary Christian and Muslim women who demanded peace for Liberia. Will be followed by discussion.

Thursday, Oct 10th, 6 pm Heritage Room in the Edgehill Mansion
Is finding peace and dignity possible: Palestinians and Israelis?
Listen to a diverse panel of speakers and enter your voice into the dialogue
Gigi Gokcek, DU Political Science Professor, Rabbi Henry Schriebman, DU Professor of Religion, Aref Ahmedia President of SR Rotary Club
Core Issues for peace: Jerusalem, Borders and Settlements, Palestinian refugees, Security. Will be followed by discussion.

Monday, Nov 11th, 6 pm Heritage Room in the Edgehill Mansion
Implications of violence in Iraq…more of the same?
Haider Hamze was ready for college when the US invasion his country. Through the lens of his camera, see how violence unfolded in the land of his birth; become aware of its legacy. Will be followed by discussion.

Each evening provides participants with input and an opportunity for dialogue on issues that can either divide or connect our fragile global community. Refreshment will be served.

  • Free for Dominican Students, Staff, Professors
  • At the door registration fee $10 (for each session) programs begin 6 pm.
  • Scholarship is available
  • Sponsored by Campus Ministry and IAS, funding from One Nation Bay Area


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