Muslim non-Muslim Dialogue

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Oct 11 – $10.00 USD Nov 1 – $10.00 USD

Muslim non-Muslim Dialogue is a new educational program of the International Association of Sufism and Dominican University of California’s Campus Ministry. There is a focus on a respectful dialogue, conversation and personal stories amongst Muslim and Non-Muslim students for the sake of having a better understanding and a continuous dialogue. This project is partially funded by the One Nation Bay Area Program and was recently featured in Marin Independent Journal.

Public diplomacy is a critical but often overlooked step towards peace. Our task is to recognize common bonds in our human family and celebrate our differences. In our current geopolitical climate, it is vital for us to understand cultures and religions different from our own in order to expand our knowledge and our information.  Diplomacy and mutually-assured survival begin at the person-to-person level.

In that spirit, IAS and Dominican University’s Campus Ministry have opened up an important medium for young adults and the general public to engage on one of the most important topics of our day: Muslim non-Muslim dialogue.

October 11th,  6pm, 2012: “A Point In Time”

Haider Hamza, Iraqi Journalist, featured in Showtime’s This American Life piece “Talk to An Iraqi;”

David Harris, American journalist and author; and Sitarist Arjun Verma.

Iraqi journalist Haider Hamza will present his documentary film,  telling the story of his county.

[tentblogger-youtube GPEX0PnV-LU]

• November 1st, 6pm, 2012: “A Glance into Past, a Vision for Future”

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Co-founder of Zaytuna College

Please mark your calendar, come and join us for these events.

All Programs to be hosted in the Garden Room of the Heritage House on the Dominican Campus.

Registration fees $10 per person, per event. Free for students with ID.
Programs will include: storytelling, refreshment, music

Muslim non Muslim Dialogue: An educational program of the International Association of Sufism &
Campus Ministry of Dominican University of California. • Partially funded by One Nation Bay Area
Sponsors: Citizens Reach Out (CRO) and CivSol: Civilian-Soldier Alliance


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