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voices for justice

Mission Statement

Voices for Justice (VFJ) is a department of the International Association of Sufism, a non-profit, United Nations, NGO-DPI.  We are a group of youth leaders advocating for the rights of children by providing a forum for public awareness through: education, community service, events and programs so that every child and every young adult has the opportunity to fulfill his or her highest potential.

NEW: Reduce the “nutrition gap” in the Greater Bay Area

Millions of children in California qualify for a reduced price lunch or a free lunch meal, however about 4 of 5 children are missing out on meals. Voices for Justice will be donating collections received to a local school that provides services to low income communities. Help Voices for Justice to keep children learning and growing by supporting meal programs. Voices for Justice (VFJ) is a department of the International Association of Sufism, a non-profit, United Nations, NGO-DPI.   

Donate online:

VFJ Nutrition Gap Donation

Or use our mail-in donation form: VFJ.Campaign.pdf

Voices for Justice Service Programs

In Support of the United Nations Missions to eliminate poverty and hunger and to achieve universal primary education, Voices for Justice has developed an on going programs to eliminate hunger; and to contributed towards universal primary education:

  • Voices for Justice is holding a quarterly food drive to support families in need in Marin County.
  • Voices for Justice is collecting non-perishable food items that will be donated to Women’s and Homeless Shelters in December, March, June, and September. In 2014,
  • Voices for Justice donated non-perishable food items to local Women and Children’s Shelters. Please support this program by bringing non-perishable food items to the the IAS, Attn: Voice for Justice.

Supporting Schools in Central America

Voices for Justice is committed to providing continual support to children’s education. Our efforts to collect and distribute school supplies in Central America is ongoing. We are collecting paper, art supplies, pencils, binders, and note pads to be distributed to schools in need in El Salvador.


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