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Sufi Youth International, as a department of the International Association of Sufism, was created to develop and expand an international support network for youth that encourage youth to explore the spiritual and value questions of life. SYI serves as a forum designed to support youth who seek to incorporate spirituality into their everyday lives and are dedicated to creating an ethical society for humanity.


photoSufi Youth International is a department of the International Association of Sufism, founded in 1999 at the Women’s Wisdom: Women in Action conference organized by the Sufi Women Organization. A group of youth from both the Sufi and Interfaith community sponsored the Encouraging Wisdom: Youth and Leadership forum at the conference. The youth-led action panel was a great success, which led the development of two strong community projects: Community Service with an Interfaith Reflection and Youth-led Support Groups. Although both programs were based in Northern California, USA, the core group of Sufi youths were very interested in fostering an international network of supporters with a desire to create the same type community programs in their communities. From this evolved the Sufi Youth International, which has recently gained new momentum through the college groups, online dialogue, and research groups.

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