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Psychology: Traditional, Spiritual, Contemporary

Letter from the Editors,

Welcome to Psychology: Traditional, Spiritual, Contemporary. Previously entitled Sufism and Psychology Forum Newsletter, we have decided to change our format in order to reach a wider audience. Our goal is to be more inclusive, interfaith, and interdisciplinary, seeking bridges between the old and the new, always centering around the relationship between self-knowledge and spirituality.

In this first issue we offer two new articles. From the University of Arizona, we have Lonnie A. Nelson’s and Shauna Shapiro’s excellent article Great Nest of Being, which takes a broad view of spirituality as a developmental process, and properly places the domain of psychology in perspective as an aspect of this larger field. Moving from theory to practice, we have the lovely interview: They are our Elders, and Deserve Respect, Gratitude, and Support, in which psychotherapist Ginny Patton Matchette describes her work with seniors using music as a way of connecting.

Future issues will be organized around different themes, representing points of convergence between traditions. Potential topics may include: Peace, Forgiveness, Prayer, Music and Healing. We, on the Editorial Committee, are very excited and grateful for the opportunity to begin this new endeavor.

For more information to order the newsletter, or if you have comments or suggestions, please contact us at Copyright 2004 Sufism and Psychology Forum. All Rights Reserved.

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