Building Bridges 2011-2012

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Four distinctive sessions on community issues in Marin County from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, Sept. 2011 through January 2012.

Each session began with presentations from a faith perspective, continued with presentations from community organizations followed by roundtable discussions, and culminated in a plan for the community’s future.

All sessions held in the Creekside Room at Dominican University of California (campus map). Campus address: 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael, CA (google map).

Marin Youth, Our Realities: Report

Sept. 24, 2011 9 am – 4 pm

Faith Perspectives

• Swami Vedananda, Vedanta Society: Youth and Hinduism

• Sheikh Jamal Granick, International Association of Sufism: Islam’s Perspective


• Felecia Gaston, Phoenix Project of Marin

• Dana Callihan, Youth Leadership Institute

• Marin County Youth Commissioner

• Andrea Perleson, Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity

Sacred Music: Sufi Tradition, Taneen Sufi Music Ensemble

Stewardship: Report

Oct. 29, 2011 9 am – 4 pm

Faith Perspectives

• Sherna Deamer, Bahai Faith and Ecology

• David Escobar, Indigenous Perspective on Ecology and Faith


• Betsy Bikle, Marin Conservation League

• MAE McNeil, Keeping the Bees That Keep Us

Sacred Music: Traditional Indigenous Song, David Escobar

Compassion: Report

Nov. 12, 2011 9 am- 4 pm

Faith Perspectives

• Seido Lee de Barros, Compassion and the Buddhist point of view

• Father Richard Helmer, Rector, The Way of Compassion in Christianity


• Rev. Paul Gaffney, Chaplian, Marin Interfaith Street Chaplaincy

• Mary O’Mara, Warm Wishes

• Zara Babitzke, Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity

Sacred Music: An offering by Stephen Iverson

 Service: Report 

Jan. 21, 2012 9 am – 4 pm

Faith Perspectives

• Sr. Elizabeth Padilla, Brahma Kumaris and Service

• Rabbi Jane Litman, Judaism and Service


• Diane Linn, Ritter Center

• Andy Fyne, Marin AIDS Project

• Arife Ellen Hammerle, Ph. D., Community Healing Centers

Sacred Music: Heart of Service Through Music, Sr. Elizabeth Padilla

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