Building Bridges Award Announced

Announcing the first annual “Building Bridges” Award winner: Kendra Woodglass


This cash award recognizes a student of the Humanities, including religion, whose scholarship or community service reflects the spirit of the Building Bridges of Understanding series.  An ongoing partnership between the International Association of Sufism and the Humanities and Cultural Studies Department of Dominican University of California, with partial funding from the Marin Community Foundation, the series was established in 2002 to address social justice and other issues in Marin County by increasing understanding between, and facilitating cooperation among, the various faith groups and community organizations of Marin County.

The Building Bridges award is granted annually in the spring semester to an undergraduate of any humanistic discipline whose scholarship or service is reflective of bridge-building.  The recipient is chosen by the faculty of the Humanities and Cultural Studies Department.


We are delighted to announce the first recipient of this annual award, Ms. Kendra Woodglass, a senior.  A double-major of Psychology and Humanities and Cultural Studies, Kendra has been actively involved in the Service-Learning program since 2011, enthusiastically engaging with the Marin County community in various capacities via four service-learning courses.  She also served as a Service-Learning Student Leader with the primary responsibility of educating the campus community about service-learning best practices, facilitating many orientations on and off campus for students, and representing the program and partnerships at national conferences.  Her joyful energy, passion, curiosity and excitement are contagious and she has made an indelible impression on campus and in the broader community.


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